Idibri designs for human connection in the built environment through acoustics, theatre planning & technology design.

Design matters as we address the future.

A switch has flipped in the way we gather, collaborate, engage, and communicate. Idibri designs the elements that create human connection–technology, theatre planning, and acoustics.

Our name is Idibri (pronounced eye-dee-bree), the place where bright ideas live.

Bright ideas about design, technology, culture, and where things are going.

We engage with you to achieve your vision for projects that enhance your community and create meaningful connections. We believe that a venue should function beyond the walls of the space, and that experiences should be facilitated by technology; not dominated by it.

Most importantly, we understand that we are living in a world where everything is changing—and we thrive on positive forward motion.

Each one of our designs is nimble and responsive, made-to-measure for our clients’ long-term financial viability.

We are driven by experience and expertise, and we are enthusiastic about getting better at what we do every day.