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The advantages to a new brand

By Cathy Hutchison

At its core, branding is about getting to the essence of who you really are with a brevity of images and words.

As we’ve gone through this process of re-naming, part of the fun has been in cutting away anything that isn’t essential.

For every company, there are many storylines. Lots of things that teams do well. But coming to the point of it all is something else entirely. It isn’t enough to tell what you do. You have to get to why you do what you do to be able to tell the story of what is special.

Each firm has something at the heart of it–its reason for being. We’ve learned through this process that revealing that “invisible essential” is simply a matter of focusing on it and being willing to make changes.

(Oh, and it helps when you set an insanely tight launch deadline.)

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