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Big news about one of our software projects

By Cathy Hutchison

We have some exciting news…ChurchNumbers has been acquired from Idibri by Church Community Builder.

Idibri provides acoustic, theatrical and technology design for a wide variety of venue types, including churches. In our work with church facilities, we kept finding that church leaders at all levels had a lack of access to data—and without data it is difficult to make decisions. It was a problem we wanted to solve which resulted in our team developing the ChurchNumbers metrics dashboard application.

As we began integrating with a variety of Church Management Systems, we made the trip to Colorado Springs to talk with Church Community Builder. During our conversations, we discovered an incredible affinity. We both share a belief that gathering and assessing data at the point of ministry is a force-multiplier. We believe accurate, relevant data empowers church leaders to clearly understand the impact their ministry has on making and growing disciples. This shared vision and the ideas that were already in development by the Church Community Builder led both of us to conclude that together we could better achieve our mission together.

Jeff Otero and Trey Cucco will be moving to Colorado Springs to join the Church Community Builder team so that they can continue to shepherd development. And while we are going to miss working with them daily, we are thrilled that the fledgling product started by Idibri is about to be developed into so much more.

For more information, here is the press release:


Colorado Springs, CO, November 17, 2015  – Church Community Builder has acquired ChurchNumbers from Idibri. ChurchNumbers is a visual dashboard that allows church leadership to make better decisions by being able to track data in real time.  Part of the team that developed ChurchNumbers will join Church Community Builder’s team in Colorado Springs.

Church Community Builder helps church leaders make and grow disciples by providing software and coaching focused on improving operational effectiveness.  By supporting God-inspired vision through effective systems and processes, they are able to provide comprehensive insight into the engagement of a church community and close the gaps which allow people to slip away unnoticed.

Chris Fowler, President of Church Community Builder says, “When we met the people behind ChurchNumbers, there was instant camaraderie around culture and vision for how we want to serve the local church. We quickly came to believe we would not only get more done together but also have a lot of fun doing it!  We believe the acquisition of ChurchNumbers will help Church Community Builder take our existing dashboards and reporting to a level we could not achieve alone. Together we can provide more powerful data-driven insight to church leaders as they make and grow disciples”

Craig Janssen, Managing Director of Idibri—the firm that developed ChurchNumbers—shares, “Idibri developed ChurchNumbers with the goal of helping churches make great ministry decisions.  When we met the awesome team at Church Community Builder we clicked.  By transitioning ChurchNumbers to Church Community builder, we will see our initial vision of impacting thousands of churches realized.  We could not be more thrilled!”

Church Community Builder users can expect new functionality added in the future while existing ChurchNumbers clients will be supported for the next 18 months while the integration takes place.

We are excited about what this means for the mission we all share. Want to know more? Get in touch with us. Contact Charissa Lillard, Public Relations, Church Community Builder, (866) 242-1199 x871 or

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