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The power of shared POV

By Cathy Hutchison

It takes discipline as a consultant to learn to see.

To switch our point of view (POV) to the client’s eyes. To remember that just because we are experienced doesn’t mean that we see everything.

It is easy to get into a responsive mode when going through a work day. We get production-focused. Checking things off the list. Moving quickly. The thing is that when we are in that mode, we get tunnel vision. We only see things from our own perspective.

This is the reason that charettes and design workshops are so valuable. POV is shared. The architect for his craft; the engineers and contractors for theirs; the client who is the ultimate expert in his own business case bringing context to everything. There is power in each professional bringing their talents and experience to the table in collaborative design. It results in exponentially better design outcomes.

The thing is, you can’t just throw a group of people into a room. There has to be a process that facilitates getting the best ideas on the table and a way to process them quickly. We’ve all seen design by committee where a great design can become mediocre through iterative compromise. Having a process that supports the ascending development of a design requires method, technology and leaders on the team who can both facilitate and participate in multi-discipline design dialogue.

Idibri has heavily invested in this path.  And while we continue to work with many design teams in a more traditional manner, we find the benefits of real-time collaboration creates not only stronger ownership of design decisions but also results in a more enjoyable process. Best of all, we have found that it is improving our perspective.

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