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Craig Janssen Talks Future

By Craig Janssen

The AE design industry is under both threat and opportunity. It’s a great time really.

When Google first started, there was a huge flood of data—but that moved quickly to making it useful—forming data relationships. For example, if you want information on an airline flight, now you just type it in and up pops this tremendous information. You don’t have to go to the airline website at all. This of course is disintermediating the normal sources, completely modifying the way work is being done.

The next step which is well underway is artificial intelligence. Think Super Siri where it takes conversation threads and starts spitting out information that’s relevant to us. These are big threats to our industry. Our clients know this. They’ve got this information and if our industry is based on making money by providing information, we are missing the boat.We’ve got to accept and leverage these changes and we’ve got to modify our businesses to provide new value. That means among other things moving further upstream and closer to the business case of the client.

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