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What we look for in the hiring process

By Craig Janssen

When you are planning to hire someone, or are considering being hired, there are a few ways to go about it. We have a lens of five items that we go through in our hiring process:


What are you passionate about? What energizes you when you wake up in the morning and makes you excited about life?


What is your gifting? What is the thing that comes to you naturally that is completely engrained? It is not something that you can learn. It is part of who you are intuitively.

If passion and gifting are aligned, that’s the holy grail. it doesn’t always work out that way, though. In my case, I was passionate about being a guitar player, but I wasn’t gifted to be one.


What is your wiring? How do you communicate to others? What is your natural tendency to connect with other people?


What is your experience? What are the foundational things that you transfer to the firm you are going to?


What is your education? For me, I am less concerned about the specific topic and more concerned that someone has the ability to learn. In our company, we have people who are degreed in one area and have moved to other disciplines. In some industries, this is not the case. For example, I want to know that the airline industry hires pilots who know how to fly planes.

Now, let’s reverse this to the side of the person looking for a job and you can look at those same 5 things…

What is the company’s passion? The best companies I know all have a clear passion–a reason for being in business. What is that company singly focused on doing and doing well?

What is the company’s gifting? What is the unique things that they do that no one else is gifted to do?

If the passion and gifting are married, the company does extraordinary things. So, no matter how attractive a company’s offer may be, if you can’t see the gifting and figure out their passion, you will never get to do extraordinary things with them.

Third, what is the company’s temperament? Some companies are very informal. Others are wired to be hierarchal. Some are highly collaborative? Do your temperament and the company’s temperament marry up? If they don’t, don’t play.

What is the company’s experience? Do they have the track record to back up where they say they want to go?

Finally is education. Does the company have the foundational underlying skillsets to deliver what they are promising? You can have great promotional materials, great offices, but do you have what it takes to deliver?

If you can figure those 5 things out, and they match with what you are looking for; then you have a magic that will create a long relationship.

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