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Adventures in becoming who you really are…

By Craig Janssen


Organizations with significant forward motion all appear to have a “ big idea”, a rallying point providing focus and directional clarity for the team considering themselves part of the group.

At the best of times the “big Idea” is far more than a mission or vision statement on a web site or wall, but is the real source of all strategy, action and culture of the group.

It permeates every fiber of the organization to be more than words but the essence of how the group operates and lives. It connects emotionally to the team and is born out of a passion to make a difference in the world that the group touches.

Forward-moving organizations by nature do not remain static. They become. Recently, we began to acknowledge that we needed greater alignment between the mission that drives us and the container within which we work. Markku Allison mentioned to me once that companies were just fabrications–labels people wear–and that the real connections weren’t with companies but rather between people. None of us work with brands. We connect with people and ideas.

Our new Idibri brand is about alignment. About creating a better label for the people, ideas and relationships that we already have in place—one that isn’t limited to a single scope or discipline. We are excited about our new name.  Even though the people are the same…we are also becoming something more.


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