Download our latest report: Acoustics in Urban Design

The challenges of Acoustics in an urban environment.

Architects and urban planners face unique challenges when it comes to acoustics for urban design projects. Cities are noisy places. 


Download our report: Acoustics in Urban Design

Download our latest report: The Future of Engagement

What venues are missing in the race to connect, and the trend no one is talking about — hybrid events.

In this report we will define attention versus engagement, the levels of hybrid event engagement, and what hybrid events are happening now. 

How do you create genuine connection with the people you most want to engage? 


Download our report: The Future of Engagement

Download our report: Enhancing your Virtual Presence

We are not going back to the way things were. Those who adapt their leadership to the new digital reality are going to have a decisive edge.

We’ve assembled this report to highlight virtual connection issues and share what worked, so you can skip the trial and error and get to where you need to be quickly. 


Download our report: Enhancing Your Virtual Presence

Download our report: The Future of Venue Technology

Venue technology is changing rapidly. Do you know where it’s going? 

The macro-trend isn’t about individual technologies like AI, IPTV, RFID, VR or AR. It’s about the amount of control that the technologies give to audiences and fans. Want to be able to talk about this with your leadership teams and clients?

Download our report: The Future of Venue Technology.

Get the Cheatsheet: 4 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Desktop Video Conference

It is possible to connect with people on video as deeply as we do face-to-face. Optimizing yourself on video improves your connection with others. These four quick fixes can help.

Download the cheatsheet: 4 Quick Fixes To Improve Your Desktop Video Conference Quality

Get the Cheatsheet: What You Need to Live Stream

If you want to start Live Streaming, but don’t have access to a fully-equipped video studio, here’s what you need.

Download the cheatsheet: What You Need to Live Stream

Get the Cheatsheet: Should I put a video display on that wall?

Who wants to spend money on video displays that no one really looks at? This designer’s cheatsheet helps you answer the question: Should I put a video display on that wall?

Download the cheatsheet: Should I put a video display on that wall? 

Get the Cheatsheet: Should we rethink lower thirds?

“Lower thirds” came about during the broadcast era – when the ratio was 4:3. Now that the stand is 16:9, should we rethink this?

Download the cheatsheet: Should We Rethink Lower Thirds? 

Get the Cheatsheet: 5 Essential Troubleshooting Tips for Last Minute Event Tech Fails

When technology fails 5 minutes before your event, it is extremely frustrating!  The worst part? It worked yesterday!  Tools that should be a transparent part of life sometimes let us down. So, what do you do when faced with a technology failure minutes before a meeting or event begins?  

Download the cheatsheet: 5 Essential Troubleshooting Tips for Last Minute Tech Fails