We design the elements that facilitate human connection.

Our disciplines are the ones that connect people, enhance the experience, and facilitate communication. There is an infinite advantage to having one highly coordinated team that touches all these interdependent systems.

We take a coordinated approach to each project with an interdisciplinary team of specialists to handle acoustics, audio, video, data/it, theatre design, lighting, theatre equipment and security.

How we serve architects

We’ve spent the past 25 years solving technology, acoustic, and theatrical challenges for the built-environment. We know how to navigate the needs of competing stakeholders, construction deadlines, and fixed budgets. 

More importantly, we know how hard it is to be the person leading a project. Our job is to be the team you can count on when there is a lot at stake.

In short, our mission is to help you reach yours.

What’s it like for architects to work with us?

  • Technology is changing rapidly. We provide a framework to help your client understand what is right for their project. (Our job is to make you a hero to your client.)
  • No one wants to think about acoustics. We solve difficult challenges and make sure the acoustic environment is optimal for what is happening in the space.
  • We speak clearly. (Because no one wants to dig through a dense report to find a solution. They want real help.)
  • Our designers understand code, new technologies, building infrastructure, and construction processes so that our solutions work in the real-world.

We know you are in the middle of a process with many moving
pieces. We can’t make all of those pieces run smoothly, but we can make your technology, acoustics, and theatrical headaches go away with designs that solve problems and meet your goals.

For clients in need of accelerated delivery, we offer rapid-prototyping of auditorium designs and acoustics/technology solutions. On these projects, we work in real-time with your team to get to preliminary design in a few days or weeks rather than a few months.


How we serve general contractors

We are your safety net.

When acoustics and technology are already designed, but you want local eyes to determine you are building per the project requirements. We can: 

  • confirm you are not providing more than the contract documents require.
  • help you build it once
  • identify gaps or duplicates in the design.


We are your Technical Coordinator 

When there is already a technology and acoustics designer, and you are short-handed with technical people to manage the LV subs or to oversee acoustic detailed construction, we can help fill your staffing needs to:

  • Descope bids
  • Manage submittals and RFIs
  • Arrange coordination meetings
  • Confirm power, cooling, and fire protection required for low voltage systems
  • Provide site inspections
  • Approve pay-apps
  • Assist w/ conflict resolutions with low voltage contractor and/or designer

We are your Design-Build Partner

When you need a trusted designer to assist you with your design-build contractor selection.  We work with you and your AE team to obtain competitive, equivalent bids from contractors.

  • Full services through DD
  • Review contractor’s design during CDs
  • Provide site inspections during CA.


We are your Low Voltage Commissioning Agent

When specifications require the General Contractor to commission the low voltage systems. We test and verify that the installed low voltage systems are installed per design.

  • Establish and document testing procedures
  • Review Contractor’s test methods and procedures
  • On site verification of system performance

How we serve digital experience designers (DXD)

We are your go-to for systems design


We participate with you from visioning sessions to opening day for the technologies that become part of the ecoculture.

We provide:

  • concepts and budgets for sound, video, lighting and interactive control systems
  • coordination and infrastructure planning for seamless communication between a variety of systems
  • development of requirements for content management systems and RFP development
  • extensive coordination through the construction phase to ensure seamless control across each of the systems