We are a team of highly skilled and degreed consultants who provide acoustic expertise.

Our range of tailored acoustic design services include:

Acoustic testing

  • Testing of noise transmission—both airborne and structure-borne—including ASTC, AIIC, DTC, AOITC; and environmental CNEL and LDNs
  • Environmental noise studies including logging and frequency-based
  • Compliance testing for CalGreen, HIPPA, and municipal noise ordinances
  • Noise exposure for factories and industrial applications. (OSHA)
  • Predictive testing and design work for CHPS, LEED, and WELL

Design for new construction, renovation, and TI finish out

  • Room acoustics
  • Sound isolation
  • Noise and vibration control​
  • Government certified classified space design standards including SCIF and SAPF sound isolation design

Why Idibri for acoustic consulting ?

Our practice has experts skilled in advanced computer modeling in programs such as Sound Plan, AIM, INSUL, and EASE. We utilize Type 1 sound level measuring equipment with current calibration certificates.

We solve acoustic problems for clients, including:

  • Difficult tenant adjacency (like a meditation studio next to a high-energy spin studio or a bowling alley next to a cinema).
  • Intrusion of environmental noise for projects in downtown urban environments or in proximity to airports, entertainment attractions, industrial plants, and mass transit.
  • Mechanical plant noise issues both inside of buildings and to adjacent buildings or property lines.
  • Horizontal and vertical sound isolation between spaces.
  • Noise and vibration from HVAC and plumbing.
  • Acoustics for musical performance, worship, workplace environments, or other sensitive spaces.
  • Isolation of high-energy spaces such as restaurants and nightclubs.
  • Speech intelligibility for spaces where communication matters.
  • Noise from back of house and service areas.

We can tell you from experience, that there is nothing that sparks frustration like noise. Our mission is to help you solve the problem.

We have geographic-specific websites at dallasacoustics.com and sandiegoacoustics.com.