We are a team of highly skilled and degreed engineers who specialize in acoustic design.

Our range of tailored acoustic design services include:

  • room acoustics
  • sound isolation
  • noise and vibration control
  • acoustic testing
  • environmental noise studies and remediation
  • acoustic design for LEED, CalGreen and HIPAA

We are skilled in advanced computer modeling in programs such as Sound Plan, AIM, TAP, EASE, and our proprietary software, IMAGES, which predicts sound waves within a space. We utilize Type 1 sound level measuring equipment with current calibration certificates.

We solve problems for clients that range from creating the optimal acoustics for music to helping arenas maximize both game day and concerts. We help difficult tenant adjacencies, like when a meditation studio lands next to a high-energy spin studio. We help when HVAC noise makes video conferences difficult in a high-end conference room, and when a penthouse can’t be rented because of elevator noise.  While many times, we are called in to solve acoustic problems once a building is built, a high percentage of our work is in new construction.

The goal? To make sure once the building opens that no one ever thinks about the acoustics. They just enjoy the experience.