Idibri designs sophisticated stage systems, from simple setups to complex theatrical systems that transform venues.

Our stage system design services include:

  • stage machinery and rigging systems
  • theatre grids and galleries
  • canopies and drapery systems
  • pit lifts
  • wagons and seating systems
  • choral and orchestral shells
  • adjustable acoustic elements

We are especially engaged in the creation of theatrical equipment for multi-use, multi-form entertainment venues with competing performance needs.

Our team is highly skilled and has received degrees, training, and comprehensive field experience in traditional theater. In the process of creating several hundred high-production worship spaces, we have established our expertise, and along the way, we have become adept at designing high-flexibility spaces that serve a wide range of program requirements.

Stage systems vary from full theatrical systems with counterweight systems, pit lifts and wagons to simple dead hung systems with a cyc and curtaining. Idibri assists the team in making decisions on the appropriate level of production, then designing the infrastructure within the overall concept of the room. We optimize support for production teams in our approach to storage, circulation for load in/out, positions for monitor mixes and establishing backstage adjacencies that work both functionally and acoustically.

Idibri provided stage system design for Arlington ISD Fine Arts Center, Broadway Theatre at Galaxy Macau, and Butterworth Hall at the Warwick Arts Center.