We are a leading provider of theatre planning and design for experiences that audiences never forget.

Some of our theatre planning services include:

  • Size, volume, form, and stage-to-audience relationship.
  • Seating, layout, and sightlines.
  • Stage layout and movable elements.
  • Audience, artist, and technical circulation.
  • Backstage and front-of-house planning.
  • Rehearsal and production support space design.

We also offer in-house photorealistic rendering and 3D printing capability in order to convey auditorium design, acoustical, and technical concepts to our clients. We have found these tools vital in communicating concepts to project stakeholders. Click here for our demo reel.

When designed as a whole, the auditorium and its systems support a powerful experience and prove successful for both the client and the architectural teams that design them.
We touch all of the elements that make the auditorium function.

The volume of the room helps set the acoustic signature—but it can’t be looked at independently of seating and sightlines, circulation, stage design and backstage planning. Approaching the design holistically can result in an intimate room—even with a high seat count.

We are experienced in solving design conflicts, working within the code, developing creative approaches to seating layouts, and making sure that the technology is well integrated into the architecture.