We love that theatrical lighting design is a rapidly changing field, offering some of the biggest advances in performance technology.

This means you have more and more options to animate your venue. Our theatrical and house lighting design services include:

  • power and control distribution systems.
  • layouts for┬ámounting positions.
  • catwalk and pipe grid design.
  • fixture and equipment packages.
  • worklight and running light systems.
  • “day one” lighting design plot and system handover.

Our lighting design services focus on setting you up for day one and beyond with a clear plan for expansion as your needs grow.

Many times we are selected to provide lighting design only for a venue; however, lighting and video are merging to create virtual environments. LEDs can be used to supplement both scenic and lighting design. Idibri takes a holistic approach to lighting, video and stage elements to create environments that can be easily changed by professional operators and volunteers.

Our process takes into account the color temperature of the lighting systems and calibration of the LED video screens and camera systems so that what is seen on the screen reflects what is seen in the room.

Idibri provided theatrical lighting design for the Broadway Theatre at Galaxy Macau and lighting design and control systems for the tower at the Circuit of the Americas.