We believe that video is an unmatchably powerful tool in storytelling and communication.

Video has the power to tell a story, capture and transmit that story, and communicate back and forth in incredibly meaningful ways. We provide comprehensive video design that includes:

  • HD and 4k¬†production control suites
  • network broadcast/ENG cabling
  • webcast/broadcast studios
  • large-screen video displays/LED or projection
  • large-scale image warping and blending on surfaces
  • 3D forced perspective image mapping
  • IPTV and digital signage systems
  • distance learning/telepresence/video conferencing
  • virtual collaboration technology
  • digital media archiving
  • interactive projection and displays

We design comprehensive interconnectivity that allows the visual experience to go beyond the walls of a space. Whether screens are internal, external, or handheld, Idibri can have an impact on each one. We advise on layout, critical adjacencies, and overall workflow in production spaces in order to support your team.